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Capturing Your Potential Clients & Engaging With Them on an Organic Level

Chriss David & Associates marketing approach is built around the basic understanding of our potential clients, regardless of what you do. We focus on the most relevant issues to your clients by reaching out to your potential clients when the time is right instead of waiting for them to find you.

We believe in humans communicating with other humans. We know exactly how annoying it is to reach out to a business only to met with a robotic voice on the other end. We make sure everything we produce has an authentic voice. That means everything we create is organic and engaging. By designing content that speaks to your target market we bring the human element to your firm, establishing a relationship with your current and future clients on more personalized level.


Our team uses data analysis to predict the future actions necessary to design and optimize your website, and digital marketing. We create new content based on the varying trends of your future customers and adapt your marketing materials to these trends. We carry out comprehensive research on your competition so you can stay ahead of the curve search after search. Their site views will become your customers with Chriss David & Associates working on your side. When it comes to your advertising and marketing plan, the team at Chriss David & Associates gets the job done every time!

Our team stays active as a Google Partner keeping abreast of the newest design trend; technologies, and algorithm changes. We are always looking towards the future and how we can make a difference for our clients.

medical professionals

Does your medical office not have much of an online presence? We understand what it takes to keep your online presence up to date while you focus on where it matters.


Law firms

Let us design, track, & market your law firm today. We know what to do to keep your law firm in front of your potential clients at all times.


other businesses

Contact us if you would like a personalized marketing strategy for your business today! Chriss David & Associates offer marketing and Advertising to all small businesses.


Chriss David

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What can Chriss David & Associates do for your Business?

Chriss David & Associates is a digital marketing agency, PR firm, and business consulting agency rolled up into one. We create and execute successful campaigns, improve your digital reach, and manage and improve your overall brand. Check out our services page for more information.

With our combined 30 years plus of experience, you can be sure your firm is in the hands of experts. Chriss David & Associates’ dedicated marketing and advertising team works around the clock for our clients, and it shows.

“The results that Chriss David & Associates helped me achieve exceeded my expectations exponentially. Additionally, their responsiveness and availability has never –not once –failed to impress me. The recommendation that I give them is as high as I have ever given any vendor with whom I have worked.”

Tom Burcham, Esq.

Tom Burcham Attorney at Law

Happy Clients

Bringing peace of mind when it comes to your brand, online presence, security and ranking is our main objective.

I would highly recommend you and your company to others.Your knowledge and communication were extraordinary and made me feel comfortable because you were talking to me not at me. I never felt overwhelmed with industry terms or processes. And you challenged me to envision what could be versus just what is.

Heather Carroll

The Rudman Law Group

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Chriss David & Associates to all businesses looking for professional marketing and design.I have recently decided to switch my law firm’s website design, SEO and management to their agency, as I have complete confidence in their ability and already love the new design they have put together. They took the time to talk with me, learning our firms needs. They strategized and gave us options to get the most out of our digital marketing. I hold them in the highest regard and would recommend them to any law firm who would like to grow.”

Steve Clark, Esq.

Steve Clark & Associates

Once I found Chriss David & Associates, it was like a breath of fresh air. Chriss is extremely knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to make a difference for our law firm. The competition in this area is fierce and Chriss has put us at the top. Well worth the investment. There are many that say they know and can help with marketing, Chriss really does! Chriss David & Associates know how to tell our brand story and share it with our target market. Chriss and her team is creative, they have initiative, they have the answers to all the questions we ask. They have amazing customer service, integrity and professionalism. I would recommend them, without any reservation, to anyone.

Joseph R. Dawson, Esq.

The Dawson Law Firm

Successful Results

“In the increasing world of web design, SEO and digital marketing, the demand for agencies that know what they are talking about, and deliver what they say they will in a timely manner is rare. Chriss David & Associates is that agency.”
– Steve Clark, Esq.

Advertising & Marketing for Law Firms, Medical Professionals & Most Other Businesses.

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