Tabitha Foss

Art Director & Digital Unicorn


Since 2010

Every brand has a story behind it—just as every person does.

My story began as an eager-to-learn being trying to make sense of it all, while adding my own tweaks of style & beauty to everything I came across. I guess you can say this helped guide me towards what truly makes me happy—design. I started out as a content writer and during this time, I got to work with various developers, like Chriss David among other marketers. They helped me hone my talents and taught me most of what I know about SEO, marketing, content strategy, consumer awareness, and web design. Eventually, the time came where I was able to not only provide that voice but also create a true identity for the brand with a captivating website.  I am continuously learning, a student of change, always trying to broaden my talents and expand my portfolio.

I like to think of myself as the conduit between brand and consumer, a brand ambassador if you will. 

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