Social Media Marketing

Social media can be your most influential tool when in the right hands to gain new customers for one reason: shareable posts. People sharing your content are advertising for you but the trick is to figure out how to get them to want to share it in the first place. Take advantage of this strategy by having Chriss David & Associates manage your social media accounts. We will create shareable posts that get your brand in front of hundreds to thousands of potential clients. We target the appropriate social media channels to create buzz about your brand, build your reputation among the social vines, and forge relationships with your consumers.

People spend an enormous amount of time on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.), so it’s an obvious target for marketing. Additionally, people tend to go with what others like and talk about, so they turn to social media to help them make decisions. You want to be one of the brands people remember to share when a friend needs a recommendation. 

This way of marketing isn’t as simple as other forms like PPC ads or banners because people tend to not share content that is obviously an ad. People want to share real, news worthy, yet entertaining posts to make them seem unique yet relevant, which means you have to find the right social media team with the ability to do that or your brand will be left looking stagnant. We implement “native advertising,” a form of advertising that takes the form of its platform, whether that’s a journalistic article, blog post, or video yet provide it with a fresh, authentic voice.

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