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People choose who to work with and what to buy, largely based on what brand comes to mind first also known as “top of mind.” Having a memorable brand needs to be your number one priority. Being the first name they think of is the goal of every brand. A good branding team should be able to keep the world up to date on new product announcements, services, achievements online, all while leading potential clients back to your website. This is key to maintaining a steady flow of business. 

Your logo is key to your corporate identity. Its the one thing people will remember, often one of the key players in your brand recognition. It’s what people visualize when they think of your brand. It should be on your website, advertisements, official documents, business cards and anything else coming out of your business. It should be one of the first and last things your visitors should see on your site. Let our designers create a stunning logo for you that will accurately represent your business and make a lasting impression on your audience. 

Your brand guideline is a personal playbook to keep your brand image remains consistent. Consistency is key with an audience which is why we create a brand usage manual showing all aspects of your brand image, how it is to be used properly and how it is to be represented from color and fonts to placement. If you are trying to rebrand, a plan of action must be made by an experienced marketing team before jumping in headfirst. Call Chriss David & Associates for your redesign today!

Who We Service

Law firm marketing

Have you noticed your law firm not ranking like you would want too? Let us design, track, & market your firm today. We know what to do to keep your law firm in front of your potential clients.


small business marketing

Contact us if you would like a personalized marketing strategy for your business today! Chriss David & Associates offer marketing and Advertising to all small businesses.


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