Interactive Design

Interactive Design involves the creation of a platform that will be used to attract and interact by creating a friendly user experience while capturing raw data used to formulate an effective marketing plan

Interactive Design Areas:

  • Giving purpose to Interactive Design through meaningful experiences on your website by making it unique.
  • Focuses on the use and experience of the software your site is built upon as well as the coding behind it.
  • Retrieving and processing information through on-demand responsiveness and bounce rate.
  • Acting upon information to transform it usable data to effectively grow an online presence.
  • The constant changing of information and media, regardless of changes in the device.
  • Providing interactivity through a focus on the capabilities and constraints of human cognitive processing abilities.

Who We Service

Law firm marketing

Have you noticed your law firm not ranking like you would want too? Let us design, track, & market your firm today. We know what to do to keep your law firm in front of your potential clients.


small business marketing

Contact us if you would like a personalized marketing strategy for your business today! Chriss David & Associates offer marketing and Advertising to all small businesses.