Reaching out to potential and current customers via digital marketing is a great way to be in front of them daily. Digital marketing includes social media, email, Google ads, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), blogs, online brochures, videos, and connecting with other websites. Many may ask why is digital marketing vital to my business and the answer is simple. The competition between small businesses is fierce. It is crucial to stay in front of people and be able to stand out to rise above the competition. Being that most of us are online several times a day and a business needs to be able to reach people where they are.  Google is stop number uno when it comes to finding a business or a product we need. It is important that your business is on the frontline of Google in order for your company to stand above others. Basic digital marketing is quite inexpensive, and you can create a Facebook page or take out a Google ad of which can go a long way toward your company’s success.

Keywords are the words that are used when you search for something like an “electrician” you might use words such as “blown fuse” or “wiring”.  These are especially important because these are the words that Google or Bing search engine will link to your business. When writing a blog utilize many variations of these types of words in your text and when doing a video same applies to the verbiage you use.

By creating a blog, you not only educate and inform your followers, but you also should publish it on your Facebook and website page. The content should be clear and able to read easily without large terms or words that people can not understand or relate to. By connecting daily to your customers, they find content that they can share with others and your business become not only a place to obtain products or services it builds a sense of trust. The content should also bring out emotions, provide value such as “how-tos, and stay away from controversy because we do not want to offend anyone.

Social media plays an important role in most people’s lives. It is an easy way to connect with your customers and inexpensive and sometimes totally free. Once you share your content you will get organic growth and build a long-term foundation with your followers. They will then engage with the content and a few will share with their friends and that is today’s version of word of mouth. It is best to use just a few social media avenues for it is not necessary to use every single channel available.  Facebook and Twitter are particularly good because they provide you with data on how well your post are doing and how many people are engaging.

Making a video and sharing it is an excellent way to share your company with people. It is an easier way for people to gain knowledge about your business without having to read text and is more entertaining. You can start with a good smart phone video but having a digital marketing company like Chriss David & Associates can help provide you with more advanced equipment such as drones and can do the editing of the videos.

Building and utilizing an email list is one of the main factors overlooked by small businesses. It can be more vital to your marketing than your social media channels.  It can provide the individual touch that makes a customer feel special and a sense of belonging. Birthday emails, discounts, invitations to live chats, or advising them of a special get together or meet and greet can without a doubt boost your business.

Once a customer has trust they will usually stay with you and send their friends and family to your business. Sales will follow because they trust you and your business. For all your marketing needs call Chriss David & Associate to help you build a business that has continual growth and diversity.