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Is your website just an online business card?  Here’s how to take it up a notch and start converting more leads into sales.  

When potential customers are looking for a mover, Erik Scheetz knows that positive reviews from actual clients help clinch a sale.

That’s why the owner of the Texas Best Movers in San Antonio posts reviews on his company’s website. It’s one way to build trust with online visitors.

The testimonials displayed on the homepage praise the company for its professionalism, courteous employees and dedication to safety—compliments that Scheetz wants to share with everyone considering his company.

“I just thought of it as full disclosure,” said Scheetz, who started his moving company because it complemented his work in real estate.  “When customers see the type of service we provide, it gives them the opportunity to make an educated decision.”

Demonstrating your company’s previous successes can go a long way toward keeping customers on your website and potentially attracting new business, said Chriss David of Chriss David & Associates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. But, first and foremost, she recommends taking care of the basics.

Make sure you have content that is educational.  Google wants to deliver a website that is full of valuable information.
Use all things Google… they love it when you integrate their products into your website.
List your address, phone and hours on your main page.  This should match up with all directory listings.
Update Google My Business regularly.  Use every aspect of GMB to your benefit. (Do not use the free website if you have a site now)
Make sure your website has Schema Markup.  This helps Google and other search engines know what you are saying and what you are about.
Create Videos for every page with a quick discussion summarizing what the page is about.  People want to listen more than read.  This will also help with the desire to create a bond with the person they are about to work with.
Have many ways to contact you… phone, email, online form and have “call to actions” to do so.

The above is a good start, but keep in mind it is just the beginning.

To learn more about how to make your website work for you, give us a call 561-358-1119 or fill out the contact form.  We love to share our knowledge with others.  We aim to make a difference every day!