The ability to continue to work during the coronavirus is essential for marketing business owners. It is crucial that during this time marketing companies “pivot” to aid business owners to obtain their monetary obligations. “Pivoting” is the buzz word for 2020 among business owners who have the need to develop new business strategies or reinvent themselves if they are going to continue to thrive or survive. In America, we have seen big changes in how we operate our business, shop, obtain essentials, and continue to try and lead the life that we are familiar with. However, like many times in our lives, we must not buck the system and just roll with the flow of change in order to keep the stress level down and adapt to the new normal, at least for now. It is positive in some aspects that we were forced to become innovative because some of those transitions will stick because they worked better than what we were doing before and some not so much and as time goes on will revert back to the original way of doing things.

One thing is certain as a marketing company it is key to have active listening skills that are amplified for a client to express their needs and wants. It is almost like hairdressers need to keep the lips sealed in order for a client to convey their wants and desires for the ultimate achievement of taking what is in the client’s mind and bring it to fruition. Every savvy business owner knows they need to consider all the various constituents in their target audience- customers, especially, but also partners, shareholders, vendors, etc- to drive sales, loyalty, and positive feedback for their business. Building a repour with your customers allows them to feel comfortable in expressing their concerns, needs, desires, and challenges. We feel this is climacteric to build the trust that is mandatory in a good business relationship.
As we come to understand exactly what the client’s needs and expectations are, we then realize that helping them to achieve those goals through our experience is key. Marketers have the ability and knowledge that is required to take the idea and put “pen to paper” to build a comfort zone with the client that works for every individual business. Some obvious ways of doing this is providing them with advice and referrals with free advice and solutions. Being there for a client for a brainstorming conversation that is not billed every time the client wants to talk builds a positive repour and possible friendship as well during this hard time. As a bonus as most of know word of mouth is the best advertisement for a marketer and a referral could well out way the pennies that were not billed for a quick phone call. Offering a discount during monetary stress to a client can ease their pain. If you are unable to do that moving a payment that is due now to a few months from now can go a long way. If possible it is a good idea to extend special services that are not normally allocated for a client such as free delivery, curbside pick-up, online services that might have been charged for but you have access to is beneficial.

There are several ways to advise your clients while more people are working from home. Utilizing social media as much as possible allow the target audience of your customer to stray away from time to time on their business task at hand and explore. As you know, the more you post, the more you build that following. Allow for education and knowledge in your post but as we are all sitting at home working a little humor and a lighthearted story will keep them coming back to see what is new today.

It is always a good idea to just pick up the phone or send a quick text to check in with how your customers are doing. Even prospects who you have dealt with in the past that are not committed customers will appreciate the outreach.