For the average web user, it is a known fact that you only have a few seconds to make a great first impression. The more time people spend on a website, the more likely they will convert to a lead or a sale. There are several strategies that can help you to increase online sales.

You first have to ask yourself a few questions.  When someone lands on your site do, they like what they are seeing, or do they spend a few seconds and leave? Are they attempting to make a purchase and then suddenly emptying out their cart before the final sale? Statistically speaking on average, a person spends only a few seconds on a website before the decision is made to stay or go. This means the first impression must be exceptional. The task at hand is to figure out ways to increase online conversions and the amount of time spent on your website. This blog will provide you with some marketing strategies to help you keep people on your website longer.

First and foremost, keep your promises this may sound a little absurd that it has to be said, however, many small business owners are eager to gain a lead that they overpromise. A small business must have a virtuous reputation in order to be successful. If you are not living up to the hype that you guarantee than sooner before later your business is doomed to fail.  The word of mouth is a strong one and many unsatisfied customers take the time to either write a bad review or report to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Utilizing exit popups is a good way to deter someone from leaving the site. This could be by offering a discount on their next purchase if they provide you with an email, you can direct a user to a blog on your page that could be relevant to their needs, or offer a chat with a sales agent. Sometimes popups could be annoying, but the exit intent popups can be beneficial.

Everyone feels better when a discount is offered. The extra incentive to buy from you or at least provide you their information for the discount will allow you to keep them on the site longer. A percentage-based or dollar discount is one of the better ways because let’s face it everyone understands the almighty dollar. Free shipping is nice as is receiving a free gift with a purchase.

Capturing someone’s attention immediately is the ultimate goal to keeping them on your page longer. Creating interesting, relevant content that shares the page with high-quality images or videos will assist in telling the story of your page. Nobody wants to just sit and read a lot of words on a page while they are searching for a service or a product. Breaking up the information with good quality images will assist in educating potential customers all while keeping them on the website. It has been noted through BuzzSumo that articles with an image once every 78-100 words received double the social media shares as articles with fewer images.

Video marketing is rapidly becoming the standard in the marketing industry; it has risen from 78% in 2015 to 92%. This does not have to be expensive companies such as Video Viper state that they formulate a digital marketing strategy within a reasonable budget you set yourself. They even offer no contract and the ability to take them for a test run for a couple of months.  By creating a video marketing strategy you are actually killing two birds with one stone by keeping them on your webpage longer as well as having the ability to clearly explain your product and giving people an audio/visual CTA.

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